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As well as blogging about my favourite Alpine huts and recipes, I’m also a professional journalist, editor and copywriter (English) based in the Tirolean city of Innsbruck, Austria.

I spent five years working on renowned British ski mag Fall-Line and its website, a role that took me everywhere from the mountains of New Zealand to the wilds of Swedish Lapland (plus quite a lot of time in a grey Peterborough office block). I also had a three-year stint editing its sister title, Outdoor Adventure Guide, which covers just about every outdoor sport on the planet.

More recently, I’ve concentrated on copywriting and content marketing in English for a variety of international clients, including tech companies and tourism boards. I craft punchy app campaigns, write brochure copy and blog about just about anything. My journalistic background gives me a fresh outlook on marketing and I am dedicated to creating content that actually entertains and engages readers.

Here’s a full list of the services I offer:

  • Copywriting
  • Editorial writing
  • Blogging
  • Magazine editing
  • Content management
  • Proofreading and sub-editing
  • Social Media and newsletters
  • Translation and localisation (German to English)

If this blog didn’t already give it away, my areas of speciality are skiing, outdoors, travel and food but I am equally comfortable writing about any subject, and also have experience in the tech and recruitment industries.

If you’d like to know more about my services, see some work examples or just get in touch, please reach out to me using the contact form below. You can also view my Linkedin profile here or take a look at my references below.  – Mary Creighton


Mary and I worked together at Fall-Line Skiing for three years, while I was Acting Editor of the magazine. Always cheerful and efficient, with a proactive, can-do approach to every task, Mary is also a skilled and talented writer, a meticulous and observant researcher and a font of inspired ideas. She really brings alive destinations and interview subjects, and her stories are unfailingly readable and compelling, written with a light touch and often injected with humour. She is a natural team player, always helpful and cooperative, as well as highly motivated to work on her own.

Yolanda Carslaw, acting editor of Fall-Line Skiing Magazine

Mary has proved to be a jack of all trades and, highly unusually, master of all. Over her time at Fall-Line she has progressed from a staff writing position to Digital Editor across Fall-Line and the Outdoor Adventure sites, developing the social media aspect as well as relaunching the sites onto a new platform.

Both roles have seen significant growth for the websites and the social interaction, much of it lead by her own initiatives.

If she’s that good at digital, how about letting her loose on a magazine? Mary edited the Outdoor Adventure Guide for three years, and yet again her ability grew the title on the newsstand and reinforced its position in the outdoor market.

In the past season, Mary turned her spare hand to copywriting and content creation, bringing in and developing clients. See, I said she was versatile!

Richard Fincher, publisher of Fall-Line Skiing Magazine

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